Our Technologies

At MYM, we are well aware of the fact that the choice of technology is one of the most important decisions that determine the top/bottom line of an organization.

To us, the technology of choice is the one that offers to manage all the known business risks. The exercise of recommending the right technology to our client is invariably a ritual, where our industry experts and technical brains get into the minutest details of the client’s requirements, such as:

  • Business objectives
  • The process, organizational and technology capabilities for new applications/systems
  • Current technical infrastructure, framework and standards.
  • Scalability of current systems to meet projected user demand
  • Risk mitigation planning processes and alternatives to preserve system/data integrity
  • Allocation of current and future IT budgets

Our wide technical skill set is a result of the vastly diverse solutions we have provided to a number of industries.

  • Web Based
  • Client-Server
  • Midrange Systems
  • SAP Implementations