Overview – SAP S/4HANA Implementation for Dairy Farm Solutions

Global milk output in 2018 is estimated at 843 million tonnes, an increase of 2.2 percent from 2017, driven by production expansions in India, Turkey, the European Union, World exports of dairy products1 expanded to 75 million tonnes (in milk equivalents), an increase of 2.1 million tonnes, or 2.9 percent from 2017, principally coming from the United States of America and Argentina, but also India, Uruguay, and Mexico.

Global dairy industry holds tremendous potential for value-addition and overall development. In 2018 the dairy market of India reached a value of close USD 140 Billion.

SAP Consulting & Solution for Dairy Farm Industries

‘Lorhan-MYM Dairy’ is our preconfigured end to end Business Solution for the Dairy industry powered by SAP S/4HANA, SAP, SAP FIORI and Embedded Analytics. Time to value can be as small as 4 months to go-live and that too at a fixed price.

‘Lorhan-MYM Dairy’ comes in various hues and colours catering to all operating models prevalent in the Indian & Asian Dairy industry.

SAP Dairy Companies Solution Highlights
  • Dairy Procurement Module
  • Dairy Processing & Packing
  • Management Reports
  • Product Costing based on FAT & SNF Quality Parameters
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Logistics – Transport Management
  • Crates and Cans Management
  • Material Balance – Loss and Gain in terms of Quantity & Quality Parameters

Lorhan-MYM IT, with an experience of over 200+ implementations in SAP ERP and 15+ Dairy implementations has become an evident choice when it comes to delivering speedy and quality solutions in SAP’s product space.

Principal Features for Dairy Process
  • Dairy Procurement Module Cockpit: Specialized module to handle the complex payment conditions and gives the ability to easily handle frequently changing payment conditions for producer/Agent as well as transport service provider.
  • Dairy Processing and Packing: Captures Loss and Gain in terms of Quantity and Quality parameters for all the batches processed. Product costing based on FAT & SNF parameters.
  • Material Balance: Specialized tool for processing and standardizing different types of milk and milk products. The tool considers all the receipts, issues and ingredients consumed during processing of the milk and generates a report to give the distinct idea of the periodic performance of the plant gain/loss.
  • Sales Route Application Module (Trip Sheet): Special incentive solution to address complex incentive schemes promoted by the company.
  • Movement Tracking:Solution built for tracking of Primary and Secondary Vehicle Movements.
  • Returnable Materials: Tracking of Cans & Crates Movements both inward and Outward
  • Reporting Structure : Industry Specific reports for daily monitoring, Analytical reporting for the senior management to enable quick decisions.
Our Insights
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