Overview - SAP S/4HANA Software for Life Science Industries

Life Science sector operates under different pressures (regulations & Audits) and Market influences compared to other industries. While the industry as a whole is often targeted as slow to adapt to change, 2018 saw a concerted focus to address past mistakes and adapt to the modern healthcare landscape.

Some of the life sciences industry trends, such as efforts to disrupt pricing models, have yet to gain significant traction but precedents have been set indicating the rise of value-based models. Meanwhile, organizations are investing heavily into therapeutic innovations in gene therapy, cell therapy, diagnostics, and biomarker testing. Life sciences organizations also continue to explore the utility of AI, machine learning, and Blockchain Technology to augment standard models and processes.

SAP Consulting and Solution for Life Science

Lorhan-MYM’s much acclaimed packaged end-to-end business solutions tailored for the Life Science industry. The package seamlessly integrates and addresses business processes across logistics, production and finance processes pertinent to industries engaged in the fields of

  • Lifescience
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Devices
  • Nutraceuticals

With confidence of over 30 successful SAP S/4HANA Implementations and packaged ‘accelerators’ in the Life Sciences industry, Lorhan-MYM’s experienced team can bring down the time to value to as small as 5 months.

Lorhan-MYM with an experience of over 200+ implementations in SAP ERP and 30+ Life Science project implementations becomes an evident choice when it comes to speedy delivery and quality solutions in SAP’s product space.

Lorhan-MYM SAP Solution for Life Science – Principal Features
  • Solution Templates for Life Science, Pharmaceutical (API & Formulations), Biotechnology and Medical device
  • Solution for Branded Manufacturing, Generic Manufacturing, Contract Research Manufacturing and Trading. Solution with cGMPs already built in at many clients and positioned better to stay compliant with industry regulations
  • Solution drawn from both the rich domain experience of the Life Sciences COE team and from 30+ Life Science implementations by Lorhan-MYM Configured, tested and empowered with pre-documented delivery content (Ex-Blue Prints, BPML, Test scripts etc.)
  • Critical Life Science specific controls built in the solution through process enhanced deployments
  • Captures key Life Science business scenarios like Activating ingredient calculation, OOS, BMR, COA, electronic signature, stability studies etc. Product scalability enables responding to the changing business environment and seize business opportunities
  • End-to-end integration across the value chain & meets 85+ percent of business needs withflexible incremental approach and easily re-deployable
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