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SAP Implementation

  • SAP Custom Development Projects -- Incorporates SAP development strategies and practices to deliver custom solutions that meet your business needs. SAP developers and project managers guide you through each phase of the project, including requirements analysis, scope definition, functional and technical specifications, design, development, quality assurance, acceptance testing, and production.

  • SAP Custom Development Strategic Planning -- Offers evaluations that lead to a strategy for custom development. Components can include an executive overview, a business case, a project description, a scope of functionality, a solution description proposal, a high-level project timeline, roles and responsibilities, an estimation of project cost, and a risk profile.

  • SAP Custom Development Project Management -- Provides specialized management resources for custom development. SAP project managers apply their expertise in development methodology, plus close collaboration with SAP's core development organization, to ensure that custom solutions align with SAP's long-term solution strategy.

  • SAP Custom Development Quality Assurance -- Ensures that the project meets your requirements, is delivered on time and on budget, and can be maintained over the long term. The service monitors quality and provides a plan that specifies requirements, establishes schedules, and executes specification, design, code, and project review.

  • SAP Custom Development Risk Assessment-- Mitigates risks to ensure that your project is on time and on budget, doesn't interrupt operations, and meets your business needs. SAP experts conduct project management and solution reviews to identify project, technical, and operational risks. A risk mitigation strategy allows you to proceed with confidence.

  • SAP Custom Development Maintenance-- Enables you to outsource the maintenance of custom software to SAP, with ongoing help-desk support, solution testing during installation of support packages and upgrades, and continuous improvement as your business needs change.

  • SAP Modification Clearing -- Ensures that modifications, enhancements, and custom code previously applied to your SAP software are performing effectively. SAP experts work with your IT staff and business managers to determine whether existing custom code should be removed or optimized.

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