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SMS Video Downloads on Mobile

Video download is a project meant for end customers who can download the audio/video files on to their mobile sets. The downloading process is defined in several ways.
  • The end customer can send SMS using the keyword and Identifier to our gateway number , which will redirect the Message to Application Server, which will upload the requested file to Mobile Device.

  • The end customer can install application (ICON) on his mobile device. On activating the pplication through a login process, after authentication at the remote server, the end customer can access video / audio files through a web server. (This concept will work by excluding Gateway.)

Mobile Icon Applications

The end customer can install application (ICON) on his mobile device. On activating the application it will ask for user id and password through a login process , after authentication at the remote servers database, the end customer can access his related operations data which is fetched from database like Pay Outs, Product Information, Due Dates, Questionnaires ,Audio/Video Galleries, etc. The navigation process from one operation to other operation has been provided.

Mobile Streaming Servers with Frontends

With streaming media, you get instant gratification there is no download wait. Streaming a prerecorded audio or video file is like playing a CD or tape. You have all the same playback controls, like play, pause, stop, and rewind. The only thing you don’t have is the physical media, such as CD or tape. You can choose what you want to listen to and when you want to listen to it. Streaming also enables you to do live broadcasting, just like a radio or television station, except the broadcast is over the Internet.

Mobile Video Streaming on Demand

Streaming on demand is the appropriate choice for all the other times when the message is not time critical. Streaming on demand enables you to re broadcast a live event to those users who may have missed it the first time. They request the stream when they have the time to watch it, and they control the playback by rewinding, fast forwarding, pausing, and so on, to meet their needs. On-demand streaming potentially has lower bandwidth requirements because you are not required to service hundreds (or thousands) of concurrent streams.

Live Video Streaming on Mobile

Obviously, a live broadcast is necessary when an event of great importance takes place and viewers want to see and hear the event as it occurs. Examples might be a presidential election, a farewell performance by a beloved singer, breaking news, or a high-profile sporting event.

Web Applications for Mobile

Bulk SMS
Develop Software for sending bulk SMS and creating the panel for end customer to select desired options for deploying a customized menu on their mobile devices. Bulk SMS is a web interface with several options like sending SMS to all the mobiles with in the specified range, sending SMS based on delivery status, sending SMS based on starting number range etc.

1. SMS Gateway

2. Dynamic Field Foce Applications on Mobile

3. API for Mobile

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