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The Internet has brought about a dramatic change in the way business is done in today's world. And building an e-business strategy is perhaps the single most important issue faced by corporate strategists.

E-business, of course, is not about technology itself - it's about how you use the technology to transform your business processes. It's about new models of commerce, marketing and distribution. In fact, one of the key parameters companies are being evaluated on today is how well, and how fast, they can adapt themselves to the Internet. The big question is, how do you keep pace with the opportunities - and challenges - that the Internet presents?

Every company must learn to implement far-reaching changes within itself to take advantage of the new ways the Internet allows them, to perform such functions as purchasing, customer service, marketing and distribution, fulfillment, and interacting with business partners. Integration is the key issue. The more you can use the Internet to tie together your corporate infrastructure, goals, and technology, the more effective you will be.

Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself at any stage of your business:

  • How will my industry be impacted by e-business, in the near and long term?

  • How can we gain a competitive advantage in the e-world?

  • Which e-business opportunities should we pursue and invest in?

  • How do we measure the impact and return on our e-business investments?
E-business is the answer to all the above questions.
There are four different stages in the e-business cycle:

1. Transforming core business processes.

2. Building flexible, expandable e-business applications.

3. Creating a scalable, available, safe environment.

4. Leveraging the knowledge and information you�ve gained through e-business.

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