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Customer Relationship Management

Growing customer demands are driving companies to expand channels, accelerate business processes, extend relationships, and launch products and brands faster and more frequently than ever before. As a result, there is a critical need to manage high volumes of customer orders across multiple internal business units and external demand networks. To succeed, companies need global demand visibility and a single location for managing orders across all touch points. Without this capability, they risk inefficient order management, lost sales, dissatisfied customers and high costs.

Customer order management is the revenue engine of the company – efficient operation can drive higher sales and result in better value chain management. However, inefficient order and inventory management can negatively impact functional areas across the company. For example, Sales requires accurate order and availability information to collaborate and commit to demand. Marketing uses aggregated demand information to analyze customers and segments.

Traditional order management systems were not built to manage orders across multiple systems and enterprises. They lack the flexibility, functionality, scalability and interoperability to aggregate, broker and manage orders across multiple channels, suppliers and partners. In addition, customers, suppliers and channels expect a broad selection of goods and services, real-time order information and status updates, and a timely response to fulfillment disruptions. As a result, a new breed of order management solution is needed.

The MYM Customer Relationship Management solutions framework provides the central point for collaborating on demand, capturing customer orders across channels, brokering orders across divisions and suppliers, providing global demand visibility and managing exceptions. This platform is the center for all customer order management, and is specifically designed for today’s real-time, multi-channel environment. It helps companies drive higher revenues and lower operating costs by more efficiently managing orders across business units, channels and partners — providing complete visibility and functionality. It complements existing ERP, SCM and legacy systems, extending division-level order management business processes across disparate systems and external trading participants.






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