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About Us

We incorporated in 1996, as Limited Company.

We, at MYM believe in creating and delivering the best and the most innovative technologies in wireless applications and SAP /ERP Implementations.

Innovation is our mantra at MYM and we live it everyday. We have assembled a strong team of engineers to deliver ordinarily what seems impossible.

Our strength and proven experience in delivering sophisticated solutions in building wireless infrastructure as well as application that uses the infrastructure has enabled us to offer business solutions that bring our customers lower cost and higher profit margins in their line of business.


How do you manage a company, which is a combination of a technology provider, a consultant and a creative fountainhead? By actually ensuring that ideas and intuition have a pointed and relevant impact. One, which is transformational for businesses and the subscribers.

Management here is also about creating and sustaining that appropriate environment where ideas are fostered and challenges are met by matching wits with market realities. Backing this premise is a strong orientation where the leadership is equally focused on delivery. It could be one of those few young and energetic organizations where the leadership is conscious about building relationships and catalyzing an idea oriented approach to the business.

M Y Maharshi Chairman, Managing  Director & Founder

Nothing drives an organization better than ideas. This has been Maharshi's continuing focus and passion. Combining an innate understanding of customer needs both visible and latent, Maharshi has been behind some of the pioneering strides that the Indian SAP and mobile space has taken over the last three decades. Whole list of market driving ideas are from Maharshi and his team of passionate professionals. Apart from the growth trajectory of MYM, Maharshi can be credited with creating a MYM, which is xenical by roche young, agile, grey-centric and has one focus: ideas and innovations for the business. In this process he has ensured MYM thinks technology, creates content, and conceptualizes platforms. Maharshi has 14 plus years of rich experience in the SAP and Telecom space.

His career has seen him move from marketing consumer durables to the mobile space and to the SAP domain. Varied experience is a descriptor, which sits easily with him. What is impactingly relevant to the mobile business though is his ability to think big while always wearing the hat of an agile manager and leader.

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